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Clinical Hypnosis for needle phobia. (Trypanophobia)


When your inner voice is saying:

"I'm ready to overcome my fear of needles."

Take the first step to an easier life with less fear.  If you find trips to the doctors difficult or the fear of a blood test or getting vaccinated so overwhelming that you don't attend your appointment, then you need to address the issue at a subconscious level. Tyranophobia can be debilitating, but we're here to show you how to not be scared of needles anymore.  Join the hundreds of others who have found relief through the power of hypnosis to cure phobias easily.


 "Clinical Hypnosis is for people looking for a proven system to take back control of their lives and finally conquer their fear of needles."

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Who is the program for?

  • The anxious overthinkers.
  • The frantic patient who panics during injections.
  • The appointment avoider who is petrified of potential injections.


Even if you are only slightly worried or anxious before or during your appointment, you likely have a phobia that your life would be easier without.

If your panic levels skyrocket before an appointment and stress is so obvious that you need people to calm you down for your injections, hypnosis to overcome needle phobia will be a great solution.

If your fear of needles is debilitating and your health suffers because you refuse to schedule treatments that require needles, or you cannot continue in your employment because of a failed vaccination attempt, you need to take immediate action, and we can help.

You have subconscious behavioural patterns wired into your brain. The actions seem automatic because they happen unconsciously, and you won't be able to 'think your way to stopping'.  Your conscious mind or 'inner voice' will always try to rationalise your current behaviour.

Every day that you continue this pattern, the wiring of the behaviour becomes stronger.  The automatic behaviours are more deeply ingrained.


 "Our needle phobia treatment set's people free from debilitating fears in a calm and safe way. Let's work together to overcome your fear of needles."


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How will I lose weight?

  • Strategic Psychotherapy with Conversational Hypnosis.
  • Subconscious Conditioning with Deep Formal Hypnosis.
  • Ongoing Support with Calibrated Guidance.


Our Clinical Hypnosis treatment programs are designed and performed by our registered hypnosis specialist to ensure your treatment is safe and impactful.

We provide deep hypnotic transformations to rewire your subconscious mind. Learn to respond to a needle in a calm and positive way through gentle and progressive hypnosis to eliminate the panic response in a comfortable and respectful way.

Our signature strategic psychotherapy methods allow us to eliminate your phobia for good using a proven system that we have refined over years of practice.  

We have online and in-person support systems in place to always provide assistance should you ever need further guidance.


Who will show me how to control my weight?


Alex Attard, Clinical Hypnotist. Needle phobia treatment expert.

A fear of needles is probably more common than you think. Historically, Alex trained alongside the best clinical hypnotists in the world, learned from them, and honed his skills to become a master of helping people overcome Trypanophobia. Today, he's a member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and has enabled hundreds of people to kick the fear of needles.

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