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Quit Smoking with Professional Clinical Hypnosis


When your inner voice is saying:

"I'm ready to quit smoking."

Is it time for you to give up tobacco and nicotine? Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking is proven to help people stop immediately and never look back without cravings and no desire to start smoking again. Hundreds of people can attest to the power of our work at Clinical Hypnosis – will you be next to join them?


 "Clinical Hypnosis is for people looking for a proven system to stop smoking. No matter how much you're smoking, it's causing great harm to your body. Let's start your journey to stopping smoking for good."

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Who is the program for?

  • The social smoker who knows better.
  • The habitual smoker who's ready for change.
  • The chain smoker who needs help to improve health.


If you're out with friends, having a few drinks and finding yourself craving a cigarette or just like a few throughout the evening, you might still find it challenging to quit smoking.

Has smoking has become a part of your daily routine?  First thing in the morning with a coffee, a means to break up the day or relieve stress. 

You are burning your hard-earned income and reducing your bodies ability to utilise oxygen and heal.

You have subconscious behavioural patterns wired into your brain. The actions seem automatic because they happen unconsciously, and you won't be able to 'think your way to stopping'.  Your conscious mind or 'inner voice' will always try to rationalise your current behaviour.

Every day that you continue this pattern, the wiring of the behaviour becomes stronger.  The automatic behaviours are more deeply ingrained.


 "Are you asking yourself how to quit smoking? Well, we've got the tools to rewire your mind and help you stop for good – let's get started!"


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How will I stop smoking cigarettes?

  • Strategic Psychotherapy with Conversational Hypnosis.
  • Subconscious Conditioning with Deep Formal Hypnosis.
  • Ongoing Support with Calibrated Guidance.

A registered clinical hypnotist conducts all our transformative sessions. They are specifically designed to rewire your thoughts and remove bad habits, stopping you from reaching for your cigarettes for life.

What many don't know is it's your subconscious controlling your cravings. Resetting your beliefs about smoking helps you get your smoking habit under control.

Our tried and tested strategic psychotherapy method with conversational hypnosis allows us to pinpoint your problem and eliminate it. You'll also enter into a deep hypnotic trance with our professional hypnosis without scripts, where we fully customise everything to suit your unique situation.

We provide ongoing online and in-person support, keeping you on track, refocusing your mind, and preventing you from reverting to old habits and smoking again.


Who will show me how to quit smoking permanently?


Alex Attard, Clinical Hypnotist. Anxiety and addiction specialist.

Having trained with the most recognised clinical hypnotists, Alex established the knowledge and skills to help individuals overcome bad habits, fears, and addictions. He is a member of the most respectable hypnotherapy organisation in the country – the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and is the training officer for the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. 

If quitting smoking is your aim, there's no one more qualified than Alex to help achieve your goal.

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