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Stop Drinking Alcohol With Clinical Hypnosis


When your inner voice is saying:

"I'm ready to quit drinking."

Join the hundreds of others who have worked with us, kicked the habit, and seen their lives improve exponentially. Once you've decided to quit drinking, we'll give you the tools to stop and never look back.


 "Clinical Hypnosis is for people looking for a proven system to help control alcohol consumption or stop drinking alcohol altogether."

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Who is the program for?

    • Casual drinkers wanting more control.
    • Binge drinkers straightening out their life.
    • Alcoholics needing structure and support.

    If you're coming home from work and instinctively going to the refrigerator or bottle shop to unwind or making excuses why it's ok after previously deciding you want to have a break, you might need some help.

    You have subconscious behavioural patterns wired into your brain. The actions seem automatic because they happen unconsciously, and you won't be able to 'think your way to stopping'.  Your conscious mind or 'inner voice' will always try to rationalise your current behaviour.

    Every day that you continue this pattern, the wiring of the behaviour becomes stronger.  The automatic behaviours are more deeply ingrained.


     "Are you asking yourself how to quit drinking? Well, we've got the tools to rewire your mind and help you stop for good – let's get started!"


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    How will I stop drinking alcohol?

    • Strategic Psychotherapy with Conversational Hypnosis.
    • Subconscious Conditioning with Deep Formal Hypnosis.
    • Ongoing Support with Calibrated Guidance.


    All sessions are conducted by a registered clinical hypnotist and are specifically designed to rewire your mind and oust the behaviours and habits that cause you to reach for a drink of alcohol. 

    Your success depends on your ability to end the constant battle within your subconscious mind and reprogram the triggers that cause people to revert back to old problematic behaviours.

    We'll help you get your impulses under control with our effective model of strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. Our unique methodology enables us to replicate the processes that have already helped many people quit drinking forever. This is professional hypnosis without scripts. We fully customise everything to suit your unique situation.


    Who will show me how to stop drinking alcohol?


    Alex Attard, Clinical Hypnotist. Anxiety and addiction specialist.

    Having trained with the most recognised clinical hypnotists, Alex established the knowledge and skills to help individuals overcome bad habits, fears, and addictions. He is a member of the most respectable hypnotherapy organisation in the country – the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and is the training officer for the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. 

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